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What are the benefits of royal jelly?

In the hive, la Royal jelly  is, as its name indicates, the exceptional food: it is reserved for the queen, who will be fed with it all her life, as well as for larvae less than 3 days old. This white, gelatinous, milk-like substance is secreted by the glands of young nurse bees. 

The queen is fed exclusively with royal jelly and she can live up to 50 times longer than a worker, ie 5 to 6 years. Be careful, the queen is not idle, she lays all her life at an incredible rate (2000 to 3000 eggs per day). Royal jelly is therefore a nutritional bomb. 


Royal jelly contains on average:

It is extremely rich in nutrients, especially proteins and amino acids. It also contains all of the 8 vital amino acids that the body cannot synthesize by itself. It is also the richest natural food in vitamin B5, often called the energy vitamin. 

It also contains all the vitamins important for our health. 

  • Vitamins A: affect vision and immunity

  • Vitamin B1: energy production and transmission of nerve impulses

  • Vitamin B2: role of antioxidant

  • Vitamin B3: helps make hormones and brain messengers.

  • Vitamin B5: intervenes in the production of energy, the response to stress, the transmission of nerve impulses

  • Vitamin B6: it binds magnesium and plays a role in the stress response and recycles homocysteine, a toxic substance when it accumulates in the arteries and the brain.

  • Vitamin B8: synthesis of fats and glucose 

  • Vitamin B9: Helps meet protein requirements, synthesize brain chemical messengers and nucleic acids for DNA and RNA. 

  • Vitamin B12: it is necessary for red blood cells and nerve cells

  • Vitamins C: it intervenes in the defense against viral and bacterial infections, protection of the wall of blood vessels, assimilation of iron, antioxidant action and healing. It allows the assimilation of iron

  • Vitamin D: it intervenes in the regulation of calcium metabolism and helps the bones to remain strong and rigid

  • Vitamin E: it is an antioxidant. It protects against oxidation. 

  • Vitamins K: involved in coagulation, bone mineralization and cell growth

  • Royal jelly is a very good source of minerals: iron, phosphorus, copper...

  • Trace elements and fatty acids. 

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